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tobiasfans's Journal

Fans of Tobias (of Animorphs)
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"Not everyone can lead the pack like Jake. Not everyone can save the world. Being young is hard enough without an alien race trying to wipe you out! Most of us just wish we had a pair of wings to fly away. There is a little Tobias in all of us. What is behind those dreamy eyes, ruffled feathers, and leather exterior? Who is the bird-boy behind the myth?" -Animorphs official site.

We love Tobias, the hawk-boy, of the Animorphs book series.

It's kind of funny, really, since Scholastic figured no one would be very interested in his side of the story and only gave him half as many books, when he ended up being so popular (if not the most popular Animorph of all)!

Feel free to post quotes, icons, song lyrics, essays, and even just a little bit of squeeage about why Tobias is *your* favorite Animorph...

Celebrate the Animorphs...

Your loyal mod/creator,